A New Marketing Language

We are fluent in a new marketing language that empowers and evolves brands' capabilities to connect with their consumers in an ever-changing marketplace.

The Agency

Our strength derives from our Foundation Pillars which support our Core Competencies.

Foundational pillars drive the base of who we are as an agency. What we do, how we do it and the level of integrity we perform at comes from our Core Competencies.


The Foundation of Our Agency

A agency is only as strong as its pillars.

Our Belief: We create value because of our unique perspective and capability to see and understand the Actual Market™.

Our Mission: We build impact through the conversation, education and advocacy of The Actual Market™ and consumer-driven research and marketing insights.

Our Value: We build authentic relationships and foster genuine conversations between brands and their audiences.


Core Competencies

Our language tools that articulate how we speak to the market.

Communication: We aim to deeply understand the nature and language of your business, so that we can better translate its value to the right consumers on the right channels.

Thoughtful Intention: RLM believes in the power and potential of relationships, and we strive to build ours collaboratively.

Consumer-Focused: Research and consumer insights drive informed, effective, and authentic marketing efforts.

Results Oriented: Insights-informed marketing supports business objectives through analytics.

Establish Focus: The ability to develop and communicate goals in support of business missions and objectives.

Actual Market™: Our unique perspective speaks from the lens of authentic representation of the marketplace.

Get to Know Us

At RLM We build authentic relationships and foster genuine conversations between brands and their audiences.


Our AIRE© Method | “CoRe”

We create an enhanced integrated strategy by developing and nurturing relationships through collaborative partnership.

Elevated Integration–AIRE©

We create value through our informed, human-centered and differentiated full-service marketing and consumer insights research.

Align: Identifying the real business challenges through inquiry and insight. Your priorities, goals and objectives form the center of our strategies, tactics and actions.

Integrate: Inclusion and arrangement of whichever disciplines, perspectives and capabilities are needed to deliver against the strategic platform.

Render: Sketch out a ready-to-execute vision of your marketing world so you can see, hear and feel what your marketing project looks like in the world.

Execute: Our collaborative framework, in-house capabilities and out-of-house relationships create an executional powerhouse designed to deliver on today’s marketing needs with technique and style.

Let’s get to the “CoRe.”

 “Co” is a prefix we use to describe how we approach the relationship and nature of the business we do – through partnership
“Re” is a prefix we use to describe our method and approach to understanding your business, your sector, your consumer and your objectives

The core of our business is getting to the core of your business. Because we have a deep understanding of these sectors, we can be more than order-takers. We’ll help navigate and build forward in these complex, compliance-driven spaces.

We are co-llaborative partners, aligning your business objectives with authentic, differentiated marketing that re-defines who are you in the marketplace. We call this Shareability of Responsibility.

“RLM is a modern, full service integrated marketing and communications agency specializing in brand development, pivoting legacy brands and keeping humanity as the main ingredient.” – Farissa Knox, Founder + CEO

Let's Start a Conversation

We believe in the power of a conversation. Communication is essential to our business–it’s part of our language. Our understanding of you, your business and your consumers is driven by our knowledge that words and impact matter.

So, if you have any questions, concerns, or curiosities, we always welcome good conversations.

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