Rarely does anyone find success when entering blindly into planning for the purchase of paid advertising. Especially with the rapid speed at which the space moves and changes, it becomes imperative to have experts on your side.

What is Media Planning?

Media planning is the process of using the campaign strategy, the insights known about the target group and/or sub-groups and all available research in order to make an educated, strategic, summarized plan, listing which mediums, what outlets, what timing and at what cost an advertiser should go with in order to achieve the pre-determined marketing and communication goals.

What is Media Buying?

Media buying is the process of taking a client approved plan and negotiating, securing and confirming with the many media outlets purchased, all the details of the media plan. The cost of the individual placements, the added value elements we might be able to work into the buy, negotiating, or paying for premium placements and making sure the advertiser gets, at the very least, everything they have asked us for within the budget they have entrusted us with.

And for an agency like us, the media buying comes with the responsibility of getting the approved creative to all the right outlets, management of the campaign while it’s live and a custom made post analysis report concentrating on the ROI (Return on Investment) and predetermined KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) so that a true evaluation of whether or not the plan, and the execution of it, was a success.

If you are looking for an agency of intelligent media experts who are creative and understand the art of marketing and communications, Contact Us today for a media and marketplace analysis, and let us determine the most effective way to meet your unique marketing and communications objectives.