Our Client Categories

We understand your business because we speak the language. Specializing in high compliance and highly regulated business and brand models allows for us to be partners beyond our clients’ marketing and communication needs and add value to the entire process

Health + Wellness

We know the business of the business in this highly regulated sector–when you can promote and what requirements, restrictions and regulations are in place.

We have experience in traditional healthcare sectors –Medicare, Medicaid, Hospitals, Public Health Safety, COVID 19 health safety and vaccine initiatives – as well as health lifestyle sectors like Cannabis. No matter the sector, we can assist in brand building, local community awareness campaigns and statewide public health paid media efforts.


Finance + Banking

From helping boutique investment banks expand their marketing capabilities for clients to expanding expertise in high-growth, highly regulated spaces, RLM understands the world of finance and the intricacies of the needed communication and placement of it in order to get the desired, measurable results.



Insights into today's students are invaluable and can shape enrollment strategy and messaging. We lated spaces, specialize in conducting student-focused research and data collection across current students, alumni and prospective applicants. Using this knowledge, we map the student journey to find unique brand message opportunities in the recruitment process and expand brand awareness of the university.


Political Spending

From Barack Obama's 2008 run for president to the most recent Illinois gubernatorial election, RLM has assisted campaigns at every level of government with strategy, media buying and media placement.


Business Services

With extensive experience as the media buyer for large employee recruitment agencies, our capabilities don't end there. We positioned and expanded new players in the live virtual receptionist service space as the premier resource for all small businesses, while also spearheading consumer focus groups and market research for large holding companies who are looking to better understand today’s home buyer.

“RLM is a modern, full service integrated marketing and communications agency specializing in brand development, pivoting legacy brands and keeping humanity as the main ingredient.” – Farissa Knox, Founder + CEO

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