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At RLM, we’ve built a human-centered, full-service marketing agency specializing in developing brands, pivoting legacy brands and keeping humanity as the main ingredient. We understand how to build a market-informed brand infrastructure that differentiates businesses within the marketplace.

Business Services

Evolving Brand Reach and Recruitment

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Ruby Receptionists: A live virtual receptionist service and a go-to resource for entrepreneurs and small business leaders. We leveraged Ruby’s extensive library of tips and tricks to establish their position as a thought leader in the space and build a new lead generation capability.

RLM’s Role: Statewide Paid Media, Community Engagement and Strategy, Digital Marketing and SEO




Evolving Brand Reach and Recruitment


Chicago State University: A legacy institution on Chicago’s South Side, positioned to serve and educate Chicago and Midwest youth as well as adult learners through multiple life phases, including an MBA program. 

RLM’s Role: Consumer + Infrastructure Research, Web Page Development + Design, Digital Marketing and Paid Media

RLM’s Role: Statewide Paid Media, Community Engagement and Strategy, Digital Marketing and SEO



Finance + Banking

Differentiate in High-Growth, Volatile Markets


Gar Wood Securities: A pioneering financial services institution with nearly two decades of experience in cannabis investing. We positioned them to reach like-minded investors irritated of traditional brokers' wariness towards cannabis investment.

RLM’s Role: Brand and Sector Research, Campaign Development, Digital Paid Media, Social Media Campaign



Health + Wellness

Developing Brand Market Differentiation


Zing Health: A startup Medicare Advantage Plan reshaping the future of healthcare by focusing on social determinants of health for typically underserved populations. 

RLM’s Role: Consumer Research, Branding + Media Implementation 



Political Spending

Broad Reach With Targeted Media Buys

Statewide Gubernatorial Campaign: JB Pritzker and his running mate Juliana Stratton ran and won the 2018 Illinois gubernatorial race. As a successful business leader and philanthropist, Pritzker prioritized multiple conversations and messaging points to target statewide voter constituencies. Chicagoans and Downstate voters had the opportunity to engage with the candidate and hear his messages and policies. Through various town halls, the diverse residents of the state could also make their own voices heard.

RLM’s Role: Statewide Paid Media, Community Engagement and Strategy


Political Spending
“RLM is a modern, full service integrated marketing and communications agency specializing in brand development, pivoting legacy brands and keeping humanity as the main ingredient.” – Farissa Knox, Founder + CEO

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